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Friday, December 15, 2017
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New Year is around the corner and I know some of you are ready to hit the gym. Yup... This goal makes it to most people's top ten resolution list every year, and now is definitely a great time...
Everyone has been asking me about my Christmas three this year and how it looks so I decided to share it. This year I've done something different than the traditional looking tree. While I was out shopping for a...
Ended up getting Beats Solo3 Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones (matte edition) for the gym. Don't care of it wasn't designed for that purpose. I just love them... Been needing new headphones lately and I've been eyeing the white/rose-gold On-ear Solo 3's...
Lately I am seeing a ton of ads popping up about Vitamin B12 shots being offered in beauty centers. Why are these shots becoming trendy? And why is it becoming more popular in wellness/beauty centers as opposed to the...
Hey guys. I just wanted to take a few minutes today and THANK each and every one of you for following my blog and supporting me. Whether you support me by liking, commenting, or personally messaging me about my...
Meet the Hyper-Adapt, Nike's Awesome New Power-Lacing Sneakers Read about these new innovative sneakers being introduced to us this November by Nike and thought it was worth sharing.  The training shoes have gotten their inspiration from a scene from "Back...
I love the look my hair gets after being in sea water (minus the sand of course!). After a nice beach day I usually get a nice messy look on my hair but have to wash it as soon...
Summer seems to be approaching to an end and during the next six months working out becomes less motivating for most of us, and a lot of people sort of stop exercising completely.  We do this because during the...
Recently received a present from one of my childhood best friends, and it is none other than the watch I am wearing in the above image called 'Charge HR' from Fitbit.  At a glance it looks like I am...
To all my female readers. Reading the above statement sort of confirmed every unexpressed thought I've ever had when coming across people while out and about. I am not talking about your internal beauty or the importance of it,...


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