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Thursday, March 30, 2017
A few days ago my mother casually advised me to pay more attention to stickers when buying fruit and veggies as they hold some critical info. So, I became curious and wondered what these numbers really meant. It turns...
Hey guys! Came across this AWESOME 7-minute video that can help you EASE neck, shoulder, and wrist pain for those of you who work part/full-time in an office/home environment.  You know that sitting down for too long can result...
In love with this pad and pen... Perfect way of adding some fun to work notes <3
I hate doing cardio, and always look for new fun ways to encourage myself to do it without being on a treadmill. Jumping rope is one of my preferred ways of doing cardio because I burn calories while having...
I decided to replace my FitBit (<-- Read more) wristband that I love so much with an Apple Watch Hermès Series 2 instead. Owning my Fitbit for a while made me want to upgrade to an “Apple watch” for...
Had to share this one. LOL. Can this woman get any better?
New Year is around the corner and I know some of you are ready to hit the gym. Yup... This goal makes it to most people's top ten resolution list every year, and now is definitely a great time...
Everyone has been asking me about my Christmas three this year and how it looks so I decided to share it. This year I've done something different than the traditional looking tree. While I was out shopping for a...
Ended up getting Beats Solo3 Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones (matte edition) for the gym. Don't care of it wasn't designed for that purpose. I just love them... Been needing new headphones lately and I've been eyeing the white/rose-gold On-ear Solo 3's...
Lately I am seeing a ton of ads popping up about Vitamin B12 shots being offered in beauty centers. Why are these shots becoming trendy? And why is it becoming more popular in wellness/beauty centers as opposed to the...

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30-Day Challenge for Summer/2016

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